Selling Your Home

10 Tips To Help You Outshine

The Competition

How does your home look from the road? Tidy up your front entrance and make sure the front door is accessible. Consider adding some colorful potted plants at the entry. You want your home to look appealing to the Buyer who would like to give it a "drive by" look first.

Make your home as clutter free as possible. Neat and tidy room appeal larger. Straighten and organize closets and make sure that all areas of the home can be viewed.   

Take Care of those annoying little things that you've been meaning to get to like squeaking hinges, loose doorknobs and leaky faucets. You may have gotten used to them, but it will all stand out to your prospective Buyer.

Consider having the carpet cleaned to freshen it's appearance. Wax floors and replace damaged tiles. If the flooring is dated or worn think about offering an allowance for its replacement.

Before showing your home turn all of the lights on. Check light fixtures for burnt bulbs and replace them where needed. Open blinds and draperies to allow as much natural light in as possible.

In our area mildew is a big problem. Pressure washing the exterior can make dirty vinyl siding and even an old paint job look 100% better. This inexpensive investment can make a big impact.

Keep the lawn trimmed, raked and looking at it's best while your home is on the market. Prune hedges, trim trees and weed flower beds.

Know your competition. How does your home compare to others currently on the market? Location, pricing and amenities are all factors that will effect the price you will receive for your home and how long it will take to sell.

Have a plan. Where are you going once your home sells? Most buyers expect to take occupancy at the time of closing. If you are not prepared or willing to vacate at that time you will be at a disadvantage to other Sellers.

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